Security Officers For Construction Projects

Protecting against unauthorised entry:
- Preventing theft.
- Preventing criminal damage.
Professional image:
- Representing you the client.
Professionally Managed:
- On-going training.
- Supervision.
- Management support.


Investment in a professional well managed security operation will protect your construction project against costly "project downtime".

Project downtime can be caused by theft and, or damage to operational machinery, damage to new structures and theft from the site.

Professional Security Solutions has considerable experience in providing Security Officers to the construction industry. As we understand the nature of construction projects, we can adapt to the changing environment as the project develops and continually update you with regular security surveys of the site identifying vulnerable areas and providing you with solutions to the security threat.

With regular supervisory visits and management support our Security Officers are motivated and proud of the job they do. We prepare, for each client, detailed Assignment Instructions for the Security Officer, so that they are clear about the duties that they are to perform and your expectations of our security service.         

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